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    Commercial Locksmith

    Commercial Locksmith Services

    Calgary & Surrounding Areas

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    Certified Commercial Locksmith Services in Calgary


    JL Security - Commercial Locksmith  was founded in 2019, and has since become one of Calgary’s leading commercial locksmith companies. We provide commercial locksmith services to new construction projects, property management companies, real estate agencies, architects and interior designers, retail stores, restaurants, schools, universities, medical facilities, apartment complexes, small businesses and numerous other commercial facilities around the city.

    We understand the nature of the Calgary commercial locksmith industry. It is plagued by crooks and opportunists. At JL Security - Commercial Locksmith in Calgary, we guarantee for openness and honesty among the locksmith industry. We’ll never show up in an unmarked car and we’ll never charge you more than what is fair.

    Whether you are a business owner or responsible for a retail store, warehouse, single office, entire office building, or other commercial space in Calgary, JL Security can provide high-quality commercial locksmith services and security solutions according to your needs and building requirements.


    What You Can Get

    Keys that cannot be duplicated without appropriate authorization
    Access control systems – sales, installation, service and repair
    Lock installation, repair and re-keying
    High security locks
    Master keying solutions
    Locking devices for a range of different applications
    Commercial lockout services (doors, desks and filing cabinets)
    Intercom systems – sales, installation, service and repair
    Access control including key-less entry systems
    CCTV installation, service and repair
    Commercial Locks Change to all types doors and window
    Quality commercial locksmith service
    Key duplication

    Commercial Locksmith Services Calgary

    JL Security Solutions are the best commercial locksmiths in town. Our Calgary commercial locksmith services include everything from key cutting to lock replacement and more. If your business is at risk of being broken into, we can help with our state of the art security solutions. You won’t find another company that offers this level of service or expertise when it comes to keeping your business safe.

    Don’t wait until it’s too late! Call us today so we can come out and assess what type of security solution would work best for you and your business needs. We work with speed and care. JL Security Solutions has a team of experienced locksmiths. We have all of the necessary tools. And if there is ever an issue after hours, just call us and we will be right over! No other company provides 24/7 emergency service like JL Security Solutions does! We are the best in the business. Give us a call for more information about our commercial locksmith services – Calgary. Contact JL Security Solutions today at (403) 671-6091 for all your commercial locksmith needs!

    Emergency Locksmith Services

    And JL Security Solutions provides emergency locksmith services to the Calgary region 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Whether you’re locked out of your car, or you’ve experienced a break in, our experts will be at your side as soon as possible. Our locksmiths can be on the scene within hours so you don’t have to wait until morning for us to arrive. We are here when you need us most!

    If you find yourself in an emergency lockout situation, call JL Security Solutions today. Our locksmiths have all the tools they need thanks to our commercial vehicles. So we provide almost any locksmith service on the spot. We will dispatch one of our professional technicians right away and get your life back on track as quickly as possible! Don’t let this happen again. We will properly secure all of your doors with high quality locks from JL Security Solutions today!

    So if you’re caught in a bind and need some help fast, give us a call at (403) 671-6091. JL Security Solutions’ emergency locksmith services are fast acting and reliable. We will quickly unlock your car door, home, or office.

    Emergency Commercial Locksmith

    Office Lockout

    Locked out of your office? JL Security Solutions is a professional locksmith service that can be on the scene within hours. Never get locked out of your office again with our office lockout services! We provide fast and effective office lockout services for our clients. We can help get you back in your office! With our commercial vehicles we can be on the scene within hours. And because we carry all of our tools and equipment on hand, we’ll get you back in your office in no time.

    Getting you back into your office is our number one priority! So if you have any questions about our office lockout services, give us a call! We’ll be happy to explain our process as well as our various locksmith services. When it comes to locks and security systems, we’re ahead of the curve. Our friendly locksmiths always create a professional working environment. No matter what the job is.

    We will get you back to your office. Contact us today at (403) 671-6091. We’ll send one of our experts within the hour!

    Types of Businesses We Served

    Whilst each client has their own specific requirements, our vast experience in the commercial sector means we’ve likely been there, seen it, and found a solution for it. You’re in safe hands.

    Schools, Colleges and Universities | Retail Shops and Department Stores | Medical Facilities | Corporate Offices

    Heavy Duty Equipment Security | Financial Institutions | Stadiums, Parks and Conference Halls | Government Offices and Buildings

    Commercial Locksmith
    Commercial Locksmith

    ​We’re one of the leading locksmith services for businesses & offices, and we serve Calgary & surrounding areas.  JL Security - Commercial Locksmiths is the company you should call for any commercial locksmith needs. We provide installation, repair, or replacement of commercial electronic keypad, keyless and fingerprint locks, using the finest products on the market.

    Commercial Locksmith
    Need to improve the security of your business? As a provider of commercial locksmith services in Calgary, our goal is to protect your premises by implementing cost-effective solutions while helping you manage your facility. Key less entry systems, security alarms and more. We’ve got you covered with custom solutions and pricing plans designed just for you.
    As a leading repair company  of commercial and residential safes, JL Security can open, repair, or install a safe that is perfect for you. We have worked with small under counter safes as well as large vault sized safes, and everything in-between. Maybe your existing safe doesn’t need to be replaced, but could benefit from a new dial? We have you covered there as well. JL Security can install standard, electronic and biometric combination dials.
    Master Key Systems

    JL Security master key experts design key systems to match your facilities’ existing hardware, customized to meet your security needs. No job is too big: we maintain master key systems for universities, medical centers, and government. Master key systems can be easily integrated with electronic hardware in your business.

    Card Access

    Card access systems are designed to provide maximum security with ease-of-use. These systems utilize a programmed card reader device and digital cards, also known as digital keys, which allow or restrict entry throughout a building. In commercial buildings, employees are given cards uniquely assigned to them which is programmed to provide access to specific areas of the building.

    Code Locks
    The manufacturers of products with locks understand how important it is that their customers can actually get into their locked products. Therefore, they create lists of locks that they use and the way that they are keyed. These lists are then often provided to locksmiths, who then can create a key based on the lock cylinder number. Using this code, we can create a key to unlock your items. Our key code cutting machines use the latest computer technology and are calibrated to assure accurate cuts.
    Door Closers & Automation
    JL Security - Commercial Locksmith provides professional door closer installation, repair and replacement services to commercial and residential clients in Calgary & surrounding areas. Our technicians are trained, licensed, certified, and experienced to install and replace all brands of door closers, quickly and efficiently. Contact us for advice on which door closer is right for your.

    When you operate a commercial building, you have to make security a priority. With people entering and leaving the premises at all hours, you want to ensure your property is protected and your employees and customers are safe. CCTV cameras provide regular insight into your daily operations and help you see suspicious activity. To learn more about our capabilities, contact our security specialists today.

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    Why To Chose JL Security

    Commercial Locksmith in Calgary

    Many of our commercial clients call us for a number of security and lock & key tasks. We know that many businesses have documents and equipment that need to be secured and we take this obligation very seriously. Whether it’s protecting files, client data, valuables or machinery, JL Security - Commercial Locksmith knows the right system for your business.

    JL Security - Commercial Locksmith in Calgary goes way beyond just the front door. We can handle master system re-keying, key-less entry, and new door lock installations. Keep information secure with a file cabinet and safe locks. High-security locks made of ultra-durable metals are a guaranteed way to keep your business safe. While keypad locks can eliminate key distribution costs and problems.

    We are proud to offer free on-site security consultations where we can examine your specific situation and offer you a custom solution that is based on your budget restrictions and security requirements. We also offer corporate account solutions that are designed to assist you in moving your business forward while keeping it safe and secured.

    Let's Talk About Your Security Needs

    Schedule a free consultation call with us to discuss your security requirements
    Call us now at: (403) 671-6091, or fill out the form below:

    Automotive Locksmith Calgary

    JL Security Solutions provides professional automotive locksmith services in Calgary that are fast, reliable and affordable. Whether you’ve lost your keys, need a repair service or need help programming your new key fob, our automotive locksmith in Calgary can help!

    We have all of the necessary tools, equipment, and professional insights to provide a seamless automotive locksmith service – Calgary. Additionally, our team has years of experience completing a variety of security services. We offer fast services that will leave your lock or key working like new! And we always deliver excellent customer service from start to finish. So if you’re in Calgary and require automotive locksmith services – we’re just a phone call away. We’ll get you back on the road in no time!

    Emergency car lockout service

    JL Security Solutions also offers emergency car lockout services that are fast, reliable and cheap! Getting locked out of your car can feel embarrassing. However, our professional locksmith has completed countless emergency car lockout services in Calgary. That is to say, everyone gets locked out of their car at some point. And we’re ready to help you out – or rather, in – when it happens to you.

    Thanks to our commercial vehicles, we have all of the necessary tools and equipment on hand! At JL Security Solutions, our professional locksmiths have pre-stocked our vehicles so that we can provide faster response times.

    So if you’re locked out of your car, give us a call for quality emergency car lockout services in Calgary.

    24/7 Emergency car key replacement

    Are you locked out of your car? It can be a stressful circumstance to find yourself in. Keys are easy to lose. And just like any disaster, it can literally happen at any moment. Lucky for you, so can we. JL Security Solutions provides professional emergency car key replacement services 24/7. That’s right! It doesn’t matter where in Calgary you are – whether it’s the middle of the night, or the weekend – we can help.

    We understand that some situations require immediate attention. That’s why we over fast response times through our 24/7 emergency car key replacement services. Our professional locksmith will quickly key you to a new key. So you can be on your way as soon as possible.

    Automotive Locksmith calgary

    Replacement of broken ignition keys

    The team at JL Security Solutions also offer speedy solutions for lost or broken keys. Our replacement of broken ignition keys is an efficient process. It all starts with a call from you. One of our staff members will take down some information and send one of our expert locksmiths to your location. At JL Security Solutions, we have a professional grade key cutter on hand. Therefore, you can count on our locksmith to complete broken ignition key replacement service quickly and effectively.

    Just like any other service that we provide, you can expect our locksmiths to create a friendly and professional working environment. Delivering excellent customer service is part of what we do. So if you require a replacement of your broken ignition keys, you’ve come to the right place.

    Lock Installation, Repair And Re-keying

    When it comes to your home or business security, you need quality services. If a lock isn’t installed or repaired properly, then what’s the point? JL Security Systems provide fast and effective lock installation, repair and re-keying services. Our technicians are always available to help you with any of your security needs.

    You need someone who is reliable and knows what they’re doing when it comes to locks. Whether it’s for a lock installation, repair and re-keying it plays a big role in your home’s security. Our locksmiths are professional and trustworthy. And we have years of experience providing our customers with professional, reliable and affordable locksmith services. So when you call us, we will be there as soon as possible to get the job done right the first time around! We guarantee all our locking installation, repair and re-keying services will keep your building secure.

    And thanks to our commercial vehicles, we can provide almost all of our services on the spot! We are all equipped to seamlessly produce a new key, remove old locks, install new locks and repair broken locks too! JL Security Solutions is always a phone call away! We’re here to help with your security.

    Master Key Systems installation

    JL Security Solutions also offers master key systems installation services for commercial and residential buildings. Trust the experts with the security and safety of your home and/or business. Everyone appreciates the value of security. It’s deeply embedded in our consciousness. And the peace of mind that comes with a secure building is priceless. And just like the key systems we install, we are masters at our craft. We’ll seamlessly install your master key system and make sure it’s up and running.

    A master key system is ideal for keeping your business secure on many levels. With the master key system, you can easily grant and remove access to certain places. It’s the latest and most secure locking system on the market. And with our help, it will be up and running in no time! Our locksmiths are passionate about their work.

    You can trust our locksmiths with your master key systems installation because they have the skills and tools to do it right. We’ve helped our customers secure their premises for years! For more information about our master key systems installation services, contact us today. We’ll be happy to inform you about our services and the many benefits of the master key systems installation.

      Commercial Locksmith Services

      Calgary & Surrounding Areas

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      Commercial Locksmith

      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - JL Security Solutions, Your Trusted Commercial Locksmith in Calgary

      1. What services does JL Security Solutions offer? JL Security Solutions specializes in a wide range of commercial locksmith services in Calgary, Alberta. Our services include rekeying, vault services, lock repairs, door hardware installation, and more.

      2. What is rekeying, and when do I need it? Rekeying involves changing the internal components of a lock to fit a new key. This service is recommended when you move to a new property, experience a security breach, or need to limit access without changing the entire lock.

      3. Can JL Security Solutions help with vaults? Absolutely. Our expert locksmiths can assist with vault installations, repairs, and maintenance, ensuring the security of your valuable assets.

      4. How does JL Security Solutions handle door hardware repairs and installation? We specialize in repairing and installing various types of door hardware, from standard locks to advanced security systems. Our experts ensure that your doors are properly secured to protect your property.

      5. Are your services available to both individuals and business owners? Yes, our services cater to both individuals and business owners in Calgary and the surrounding areas. We tailor our solutions to meet the unique needs of each client.

      6. What if I need immediate assistance? We understand that security issues can arise at any time. That's why JL Security Solutions offers emergency locksmith services to address urgent lock and security-related issues promptly.

      7. How experienced is JL Security Solutions in the locksmith industry? With a wealth of knowledge and experience in the locksmith industry, JL Security Solutions has been providing reliable locksmith services to the Calgary community for years.

      8. What types of properties do you service? We provide locksmith services for various properties, including commercial establishments, hospitals, and residential properties in Calgary and the surrounding areas.

      9. How can lock repair prevent theft? Lock repair is crucial to maintaining the security of your property. A damaged or malfunctioning lock can make your property susceptible to break-ins and theft. Our experts ensure that your locks are in optimal condition.

      10. What are deadbolts, blocker plates, and astragals? Deadbolts are secure locking mechanisms often used in addition to regular locks for enhanced security. Blocker plates and astragals are devices that reinforce doors against forced entry attempts.

      11. Is JL Security Solutions licensed in Alberta? Yes, JL Security Solutions is a licensed and reputable locksmith company serving the Alberta region, including Calgary.

      12. Can you assist with mailbox lock issues? Certainly. Our locksmiths are skilled in addressing mailbox lock problems, ensuring the safety of your mail and personal information.

      13. Do you work with different lock sizes? Yes, we work with locks of various sizes, catering to different door types and security needs.

      14. How often do things like locks and door hardware wear out? The frequency of wear depends on usage and maintenance. Regularly used locks and hardware may show signs of wear sooner. JL Security Solutions can assess the condition and recommend appropriate solutions.

      15. What sets JL Security Solutions apart from other Calgary locksmiths? JL Security Solutions takes pride in its commitment to customer satisfaction, extensive knowledge, and quality workmanship. Our dedication to security and professionalism makes us a preferred choice in Calgary and the South Alberta region.

      16. Do you offer auto locksmith services or locksmith services for automotive needs? Yes, we also provide auto locksmith services to cater to automotive lock and security requirements.

      For any further inquiries or specific questions, feel free to contact us at JL Security Solutions, your trusted commercial locksmith in Calgary, Alberta. Our experts are ready to assist you in securing your property and assets.