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Commercial Locksmith

Master Key Systems

JL Security master key experts design key systems to match your facilities’ existing hardware, customized to meet your security needs. No job is too big: we maintain master key systems for universities, medical centers, and government. Master key systems can be easily integrated with electronic hardware in your business.

Commercial Locksmith
Commercial Locksmith

​We’re one of the leading locksmith services for businesses & offices, and we serve Calgary & surrounding areas.  JL Security - Commercial Locksmiths is the company you should call for any commercial locksmith needs. We provide installation, repair, or replacement of commercial electronic keypad, keyless and fingerprint locks, using the finest products on the market.

As a leading repair company  of commercial and residential safes, JL Security can open, repair, or install a safe that is perfect for you. We have worked with small under counter safes as well as large vault sized safes, and everything in-between. Maybe your existing safe doesn’t need to be replaced, but could benefit from a new dial? We have you covered there as well. JL Security can install standard, electronic and biometric combination dials.
Commercial Locksmith
Need to improve the security of your business? As a provider of commercial locksmith services in Calgary, our goal is to protect your premises by implementing cost-effective solutions while helping you manage your facility. Key less entry systems, security alarms and more. We’ve got you covered with custom solutions and pricing plans designed just for you.
If you need your business’s locks changed or rekeyed for security purposes, JL Security's skilled technicians can open locks, rekey cylinders, and repair locks. We can also provide technical information for operation of mechanical and electronic security hardware.
Panic Bar Devices

All business owners should pay close attention to security details when it comes to protecting there property. Installation of panic bars can give a lot of benefits. Our panic bar installers will suggest the best equipment for your current property. These are the best materials you can attach to your exit doorways. Our technicians have all the right tools for your establishments.


Electric Strikes

Electric strikes are an important piece of any access control system, replacing fixed strike plates. These specialized pieces of hardware are what allows an electronic signal to “release” the latch from the frame and open the door. If you’re thinking about installing electric door strikes, you should call JL Security Locksmiths.


JL Security - Commercial Locksmith can help you to choose the right magnetic door locks to meet your needs and the building requirements. Our professional locksmiths can install secure and elegant magnetic door lock systems for your office, business or for other industrial / commercial facility.  In case your maglock is not working properly, we can send a technician to diagnose the problem and repair or replace the faulty parts.

Card Access

Card access systems are designed to provide maximum security with ease-of-use. These systems utilize a programmed card reader device and digital cards, also known as digital keys, which allow or restrict entry throughout a building. In commercial buildings, employees are given cards uniquely assigned to them which is programmed to provide access to specific areas of the building.

Code Locks
The manufacturers of products with locks understand how important it is that their customers can actually get into their locked products. Therefore, they create lists of locks that they use and the way that they are keyed. These lists are then often provided to locksmiths, who then can create a key based on the lock cylinder number. Using this code, we can create a key to unlock your items. Our key code cutting machines use the latest computer technology and are calibrated to assure accurate cuts.
Door Closers & Automation
JL Security - Commercial Locksmith provides professional door closer installation, repair and replacement services to commercial and residential clients in Calgary & surrounding areas. Our technicians are trained, licensed, certified, and experienced to install and replace all brands of door closers, quickly and efficiently. Contact us for advice on which door closer is right for your.

When you operate a commercial building, you have to make security a priority. With people entering and leaving the premises at all hours, you want to ensure your property is protected and your employees and customers are safe. CCTV cameras provide regular insight into your daily operations and help you see suspicious activity. To learn more about our capabilities, contact our security specialists today.

Electronic Safe Locks

Electronic safes are a great burglary deterrent for both commercial and residential locations. JL Security - Commercial Locksmith is Calgary #1 locksmith and security firm for electronic safe services. We offer electronic safe installation, electronic safe repair, electronic safe opening, electronic safe lockout help, and many other locksmith services for electronic safes of all sorts.

Group 2 Combination Locks

One of the most common issue experiences by safe owners is a broken lock. Combination locks that are not maintained or regularly spun can experience corrosion or jamming that makes the safe hard or impossible to open. JL Security - Commercial Locksmith can analyze the issue to propose the best option to fix or replace that lock. Contact us today to schedule your service.

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