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Electronic Safe Locks

Everyone has something valuable that needs to be stored in a safe place with limited access. Whether it’s confidential documents, precious items or belongings of sentimental value knowing they’re secure will grant you peace of mind. And having a solid security system is integral to keeping your precious belongings secure. At JL Security Solutions, we recommend using electronic safe locks.

That’s because electronic safe locks allow you to implement a variety of security features and systems. Additionally, depending on the model of electronic safe lock, you effectively remove the need to carry keys. By simply remembering a code, you can seamlessly unlock your safe at the touch of a few buttons. And this allows you to share access if you need as well.

JL Security Solutions provides electronic safe lock installations, repairs and unlocking services! Our experienced locksmiths are professional and trustworthy. And we don’t just provide our services on safes, we also work with security systems for homes and businesses.

Unlocking Services

Losing keys, forgetting combinations, and getting locked out of your car or office can be stressful. If you’re like most people you probably have a few stories about how inconvenient it is to get locked out of your car, office or safe. Don’t feel bad, it happens to the best of us! Our expert locksmiths will be there to help in no time.

JL Security Solutions are a team of fast acting locksmiths. We have the skills, knowledge and tools to unlock your car, building or safety in no time. And our staff always create a professional working environment.

Repair services

Are you having trouble with your electronic safe?

If so, we can help! We are the leading experts in safe lock repairs and have been since we opened our business. Our technicians will come to your home or business and fix any problems you may be having with your electronic safe locks.

And we can handle almost any lock repair job thanks to our commercial vehicles. We’ll quickly assess the situation and come up with an effective and affordable solution. Our locksmith will provide you with the estimate and if everything makes sense we’ll get to work. Sometimes it requires cutting new keys, installing a new lock, reconfiguring the software and simple hardware fixes.

You’ll never feel unsafe again when our team is on site working to keep you protected at all times. JL Security Solutions will take care of all of your lock repair needs. So you can get back to what’s important.

Call us today for more information about our services! Contact JL Security Solutions today by calling (403) 671-6091 or sending us an email at sales@jlsecuritysolutions.ca

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